Designing brands that don’t sell something, they stand for something.

At Dinng, we believe in paying inspiration forward. Yep, we're Simon Sinek fans. We help brands discover their Why behind what they do. Armed with their Why, we use design, content and technology to turn brands into movements.

Meet Our Team

Photograph of Ryan Goodwin, Dinng's Creative Director

Ryan Goodwin

Creative Director

Photograph of Stephen Chai, Dinng's Design Director

Stephen Chai

Design Director

Photograph of Jacey Bills, Dinng's Account Manager

Jacey Bills

Account Manager

Photograph of Kaleena Chung, a Graphic Designer at Dinng

Kaleena Chung

Graphic Designer

Photograph of Lucas Ackley, a Front-End Developer at Dinng

Lucas Ackley

Front-End Developer

Photograph of Adaline Strong, Project Manager

Adaline Strong

Project Manager

Photograph of Cole, Dinng's Content Strategist.

Cole Lehman

Content Strategist

Photograph of Chloe, Dinng's Chief Comfy Officer.


Chief Comfy Officer


Not only do they push the creative envelope, but Dinng has never missed our deadlines — no matter how crazy.

Andrew Spencer Director of Technology Stance

Work With Our Design Studio

We love what we do and with whom we do it (grammar, bitches!) — which means both our team and client list are lean and nimble. If you want to create great work with us, our production schedule has a wee bit of a wait.

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I want to put a din[n]g in the universe.

Steve Jobs