Brand Identity & Responsive Site

TNW redesigns idea protection from the footer up.

TNW provides world-class intellectual property legal services. We re-crafted their brand identity & redesigned their website to be on par with their acclaimed expertise.

TNW legal brand identity business cards

Project Overview

With an aged brand identity and a website that didn't inspire confidence, TNW approached us to ensure their outward identity reflected the quality of their team and services.

IP lawyers are basically mythical creatures — part legal counsel and part scientist. In other words, they're intimidatingly smart. TNW doesn't let that go to their heads, and prides themselves on balancing their impressive expertise with an approachable attitude. They consider themselves more than just legal counsel. They work as part of your team, providing solutions and strategies from R&D through end-of-life-cycle.

We created a new brand identity to reflect both the expertise and human-driven approach TNW is known for. Confident, but never distant. Smart, but not arrogant. Approachable, while never casual.

TNW's logo before the rebrand
Previous Logo
TNW's logo after the rebrand
Updated Logo
TNW's logo usage geometry
Alignment & Usage Geometry
A logo mark for use in limited or small spaces
Secondary Logo Mark for Use in Limited or Small Spaces

Typography & Color

Using a balance of humanist and geometric forms, we created a typographic palette capable of communicating both brand beliefs and technical details.

The brand colors lean toward the technological, while ensuring a firm grounding in legal confidence through judicious application and proportion.

Brandon Grotesque Typeface. Clean, sophisticated, confident.
Brandon Grotesque
Galaxie Copernicus Typeface. Approachable, traditional, reliable.
Galaxie Copernicus
TNW uses a range of grays and near whites with strong pops of Burnt Orange and Teal.
Color Palette

Business Collateral

TNW clients get the benefit of a collaborative legal team with multiple lawyers working in tandem on their interests to secure the best outcome for each client. This collaboration is subtly hinted at on the back of the business cards, where a brand pattern flows from card to card.

TNW business card and letterhead

Website Redesign

The finely tuned brand elements all come together on TNW's new website. Its unique grid, paired with a focus on clean, simple messaging inspires confidence as the user flows effortlessly throughout the site.

We added a final layer of interactive fit and finish to bring the site to life. Things like a dynamic page loader, entrance/exit transitions and refined hover animations make the site and TNW's new brand memorable and engaging.

TNW responsive website design desktop home page design

Fully Responsive

As mobile eats the world, responsive websites are a must-have for every company. But, responsive design isn’t just about screen sizes — it’s about how people use what’s on the screen in front of them.

The entirety of is truly optimized for mobile on up. In addition to making sure the design sings at a variety of device sizes, we designed for the different contexts that mobile users and desktop users each have. Seemingly small considerations, like adding a Call Us link to the main navigation for mobile visitors, go a long way.

Various screenshots of the TNW legal responsive responsive design screens.
TNW legal brand identity business cards

It's always a luxury being able to redesign a brand and a website in the same pass. When done right — like TNW — it creates a consistent, compelling experience that speaks volumes about a brand to its audience. Kudos to TNW for being a great client and letting us create with them.

Ryan Goodwin
Creative Director, Dinng
Ryan Goodwin

We hired Dinng for a rebrand and new website. The finished project was impressive; we feel like Dinng really captured who we are as a firm. As much as we like our new website, the real wow came in the form of unsolicited compliments from clients and other attorneys.

Eric Westerberg
Associate, Thorpe North & Western
Eric Westerberg

I want to put a din[n]g in the universe.

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