Responsive E-Commerce Website Design

Stance ups the digital ante
to stand apart.

We designed an exhaustive, responsive e-commerce experience to give Stance's superior socks and fierce originality a solid digital footing. responsive e-commerce desktop home page design

Project Overview

After trailblazing an entirely new segment and redefining the sock marketplace, Stance needed an e-commerce experience on par with the worldwide movement of art and self-expression they had ignited. The order was a tall one — a complete redesign of that held true to Stance's creative roots and highlighted their technical innovation.

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Responsive Design

From the earliest concepts to the last bits and pieces, the entire experience was designed to sing on phones, widescreens and everything between the two. Each interaction was explicitly designed at three sizes to inform development and eliminate poor customer experiences from the start.

Various screenshots of responsive e-commerce mobile design Screenshot showcasing the Stance e-commerce thank you screen tablet design

Full-Featured E-Commerce Experience

With hundreds and hundreds of SKUs, we needed all the standard bells and whistles that come with an online retail website. But we didn't stop there.

To create the best experience possible for customers, we worked hand-in-hand with product owners to design a custom shopping filter. Accessible from any product wall, the shopping filter intuitively enables powerful browsing, saved presets and ranked sorting.

Screenshots of Stance's custom e-commerce filter system

A Massive Scope, Handled Like a Champ

We're not gonna lie, there were tons of pages, unexpected moving pieces, multiple product owners, complex business requirements, shipping considerations (and on and on) that needed to be solved throughout the project.

To become a truly effective partner we (literally) studied Stance socks down the the stitch and co-wrote their book on digital execution. We never batted an eye or missed a deadline, despite the inevitable project u-turns, false starts, or the last minute changes from Rihanna herself.

Trivial things like the flu couldn't keep us down, and — very importantly — we never missed a beer-thirty on Friday, either.

Screenshots of Stance's custom e-commerce filter system

Stance was incredible to work with, unafraid to pave new roads and fully committed to creating an experience as dialed as their socks are comfy. Seriously, get a pair. Your feet will thank you.

Stephen Chai
Design Director, Dinng
Stephen Chai

From the very first initiative, Dinng understood Stance's culture, product and style. We knew we were in good hands, even when we pushed the envelope or had tight timelines.

Aaron “Biggie” McCubbins
Director of Digital Marketing, Stance
Aaron McCubbins

I want to put a din[n]g in the universe.

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