Responsive Theme Park Website

Lagoon takes the crown for summer fun.

Utah′s premiere theme park was long overdue for a website refresh. We re-architected & redesigned it from the ground up for a fun, mobile-first experience.

Lagoon theme park responsive website desktop home page design

Project Overview

To coordinate with the opening of their new world-class mega coaster, Cannibal, Lagoon enlisted us to create a website that captured the memories and excitement of a day at the theme park.

Our first priority was identifying and accounting for visitor goals and expectations. Confusion around purchasing tickets, park hours and ride minimum heights were hurting online sales and damaging digital brand confidence.

To start, we re-architected the site for a more intuitive flow and added distinct buttons to buy tickets or season passports to drive online sales — which were under-performing compared to industry standards.

Park hours and current weather conditions are top-of-mind for both season passport holders and single day visitors. We integrated the current temperature and schedule into the top of every page in a small hours & forecast information bar. Expanding the bar reveals an in-depth forecast and schedule for upcoming days, making sure everyone knows what to expect.

Lagoon theme park design park hours and weather forecast

We Made Mobile a First-Class Citizen

Lagoon's Mobile traffic was over 50% when we started the redesign and steadily moving north. We designed and developed every aspect of the site for an optimized experience, regardless of device size.

Lagoon theme park design responsive mobile navigation and weather forecast

Plan Your Fun from Anywhere

We built a custom ride list where visitors can filter and sort by convenient attributes such as thrill level, splash level and minimum height requirement. With this tool, families and thrill junkies alike can easily map out their day in the park. Is there time for Cannibal after Jimmy rides the Merry-Go-Round? Yes!

Lagoon theme park responsive website desktop ride list and filter design

You Must Be This Tall…

We designed new ride detail pages to give visitors key information for every ride — including the ride location, requirements and key statistics — and highlighted fun facts with custom, animated icons.

Lagoon theme park responsive website desktop ride detail design

Staying Digitally Seasonal

When summer turns into fall, Lagoon gets creepy with its annual Frightmares theme and attractions. We designed a custom Halloween theme for the site to follow suit and reflect the importance of the seasonal change in their business.

Lagoon theme park design frightmares halloween styles

Streamlined Checkout for All Devices

Consumers don't purchase online, right? Aw hell no! However, people are less likely to complete frustrating or difficult-to-use checkout experiences on a phone.

After building a custom API to integrate with Lagoon's legacy ticketing system, we created an easy e-commerce checkout experience to help increase online sales from their growing mobile traffic.

Lagoon theme park responsive checkout design

Custom Iconography For Key Ride Statistics

We created a set of 14 custom animated icons to highlight key ride features — ranging from Maximum G-Force to Ride Height.

Lagoon theme park ride G-Force animated icon

an icon to unleash its animation upon your browser!

  • Lagoon theme park ride average speed animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park ride time animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park ride capacity animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park ride hourly capacity animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park family ride animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park spinning ride animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park historic ride animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park controllable ride animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park butterflies animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park ride height animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park ride length animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park ride established date animated icon
  • Lagoon theme park water ride animated icon

Built to Handle Anything — Except Kid Puke

Running a theme park requires a coordinated effort from many different teams. Its website is equally as demanding — needing to handle attraction details, calendars, weather information, job listings, group sales and everything in between. Thanks to a clear focus on visitor goals and ease-of-use, we created a strong visual system that showcased the fun Lagoon is known for.

Various screenshots of the Lagoon theme park responsive responsive design screens.

We had a blast redesigning Lagoon's site. Keeping track of the site's huge amounts of information, from calendars to splash zones, proved to be a large undertaking. Lagoon's team was always on-point and timely, which made the process much easier.

Jacey Bills
Account Manager, Dinng
Jacey Bills

Working with Dinng was an enjoyable experience. The team communicated well, and was very receptive to our needs. Dinng developed a practical and easy-to-use website while maintaining elements of excitement and fun that Lagoon's website deserves.

Madison O'bagy
Marketing & Group Sales Representative, Lagoon
Madison O'Bagy

I want to put a din[n]g in the universe.

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