About Dinng

We′re a digital, design & branding studio that isn′t afraid to believe in something.

  • Belief No. 1

    Movements are always born from a human-centric purpose. We translate that purpose into action.

  • Belief No. 2

    Design has the power to move people. We think through concept, strategy & execution to make sure ours does.

  • Belief No. 3

    Great work requires impeccable trust. We jump on grenades for each other — including our clients.

  • Belief No. 4

    Great design is based on great relationships — the stronger the relationships, the better the execution.

  • Belief No. 5

    Exceptional work drives movements. Movements inspire exceptional work. We pay inspiration forward to supercharge the cycle.

  • Ryan and Dinng see things in a different way than others see things.

    Darren Jenson President and CEO LifeVantage

    Meet Our Team

    Photograph of Ryan Goodwin, Dinng's Creative Director

    Ryan Goodwin

    Creative Director

    Photograph of Stephen Chai, Dinng's Design Director

    Stephen Chai

    Design Director

    Photograph of Jacey Bills, Dinng's Account Manager

    Jacey Bills

    Account Manager

    Photograph of Kaleena Chung, a Graphic Designer at Dinng

    Kaleena Chung

    Graphic Designer

    Photograph of Lucas Ackley, a Front-End Developer at Dinng

    Lucas Ackley

    Front-End Developer

    Photograph of Adaline Strong, Project Manager

    Adaline Strong

    Project Manager

    Photograph of Cole, Dinng's Content Strategist.

    Cole Lehman

    Content Strategist

    Photograph of Chloe, Dinng's Chief Comfy Officer.


    Chief Comfy Officer

    We're Hiring

    We are always looking for talented, passionate, fun people to jam with. Hit us up if you have what it takes.

    Send your resumes and work examples to jobs(at)dinng.com

    I want to put a din[n]g in the universe.

    Steve Jobs